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20 October 2014  
  Kelial, Keliel, Caliel.
The Angel of:
  Kaliel is an Angel who can help especially if we have a habit of making quick decisions based on bad judgements. This can then lead to further problems and anxiety. We need to find the sanctuary to take our time to make the right decisions.
  Olive Green.
  Fair, Balance, Beauty.
  Four of Swords
  We want life to be fair but it never is, so why should this be a surprise? Life is not consistent. However, if we want fairness, we should consult the Angels as they will help us as much as we want and they are always ready to work with us. 

When the Angels bring their gifts to us our life starts to feel balanced. There's not may times in our life when everything is perfectly balanced. The Angels are always there to give us advice and guide us on the true path, if we will only listen. 

When you work with the Angels you will see the world in a different view. You will then start to appreciate the beauty that is in all of us. You will learn the beauty of the world and start to understand your role in the universe.
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