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18 May 2014  
  Mizrael, Metzrael.
The Angel of:
  Mitzrael is an Angel who can help when we are surrounded by deception and lies. We can be impatient and make mistakes which can lead to pessimism when things don't go right. This Angel will break this circle of negativity and move our lives along.
  Salmon Pink.
  Loyal, Caring, Strong.
  Seven of Pentacles
  Loyal friends are so important as we can discuss personal problems and concerns in life. Imagine what the Angels are like and how helpful they are. They will never talk behind your back and will always try to help you make the right decisions. 

Why would the Angels want to spend their time working with us, surely they have more important work to do? The work of the Angels often involves undertaking the Creator's work. We are all part of this work and we are important to all the Angels. 

The Angels are happy when we learn from our mistakes and bring this love into our life both for ourselves and others. We can be worried that this love can leave us vulnerable to others as we let them know how we feel, but this only makes us stronger.
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