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10 August 2014  
The Angel of:
New Beginnings
  Gazardiel is an Angel who rules the Sun. The Angel can give us the energy to start new projects and new beginnings without fear. We will feel enlightened as we realise that we are receiving help to improve our life.
  Primrose Yellow, Yellow Gold, Muddy Yellow.
  Communication, Hope, Affection.
  The Sun
  The Sun
  If we don't have the full facts, we often make the wrong decisions and then we try to blame others due to a lack of communication. The Angels can show us the patience to wait until we have all the facts and then make the correct decisions. 

Once we learn what our life can become, we have hope that we can change our life and bring the happiness that we all crave. We can also help others, to bring hope to their lives. Not everyone is aware of the love of the Angels. 

The Angels bring this love to us as they have a great affection for all of us. When we see this affection in the world we can show others that they can also have this affection in their life to change the way they live if they want.
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