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21 January 2014  
The Angel of:
  Zaphiel is one of the rulers of Saturn. This Angel can help to show that time is only important on the material plain. By understanding and gaining this knowledge we can see that time will not govern our life. We have a higher role to perform than this.
  Lilac, Purple, Indigo.
  Hope, Artistic, Progress.
  Amethyst, Garnet, Quartz.
  The World
  The Universe
  We all have hopes and dreams in life. We all want love, to be successful and to be happy. This doesn't always happen. We can easily become unhappy and disillusioned when our hopes aren't realised. We need to take control as it's our life. 

When this hope returns we are filled with great joy and life seems to be so much better. The Angels never give up on us, as they want us to feel this hope which will guide us to appreciate them with artistic work. 

As we start to develop, we can learn many lessons, including how to improve our life for the better. Each step we take, moves our progress along the path and closer to the love that is waiting for us. Any progress will be due to our hard work.
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